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These bio-luminescent shrimp are absolutely striking! They are also known as “sea fireflies” and they are a rare, but beautiful breed of shrimp!

Sea fireflies are no larger than a sesame seed, and are classified as crustaceans because they have no backbone. They produce a stunning neon-like blue light, and it is absolutely gorgeous! The blue light is caused by a chemical reaction going on in the shrimp. The breed is scientifically known as Vargula Hilgendorfii.

Photography duo Jonathan Galione and Trevor Williams created a stunning photographic collection of the sea fireflies in Okayama, Japan. The collection was titled “The Weeping Stones”, and it certainly isn’t misleading. They lured the sea fireflies into jars of raw bacon, and then delicately released them onto some nearby stones. The product was absolutely amazing, you can see it below. The shrimp began flocking back to their homes in the sand below, but they had a quick opportunity to get some breathtaking photographs.