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You think your life is complete shit? We’ll that’s probably because it is.

The only thing keeping you from achieving your dreams is YOU! The world is not out to get you and your shitty life is no one’s fault but your own. When something bad happens in your life chances are you takes the wrong way. You should not be overreacting to the negative things in this world.

You will never get anywhere in life if you keep settling for the shit that is being handed to you. In life you have to take risks and go out searching for greatness, nothing worth keeping is ever given away easily. You are lazy, you stick to what you know rather than trying new things and going new places. No wonder your life sucks.

When it comes to getting things done in life you have to get off your ass. If you’re fat you won’t lose weight without exercising and if you are unsuccessful you will never become successful without working. How hard is that to understand? Half-assing things like you always do is not working hard. It is watching life from the sidelines, leaving your body on autopilot.

Don’t stand in the way of what you want in life. Go out and chase your dreams! No one will do it for you, you are the only person who can make these things happen. Stop being afraid to try! Just because something is hard does not mean you shouldn’t at least try, you owe it to yourself to give life a chance.

If you want a better life you need to start trying to live it instead of merely existing, You can achieve great things if you put your mind to it. I believe in you, go out there and fight for what you deserve! The best things in life are the things we have to fight for.

Don’t ever give up!