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What do the stars have in store for you this week? Find out below!


You are going to be dealing with a lot of intense emotion this week. Some of these emotions will be your own and the rest will be coming from someone close to you. You are well on a way to a new chapter in your life. That secret crush you have may begin blossoming into something more. You will have much more confidence than usual this week, use it wisely.


You are going to be full of motivation this week, put it to good use! Do something that will benefit your career and don’t bother worrying about others right now. You should think of yourself this week, it is time to put yourself first. Join a gym, go to the doctor, go shopping, do something for YOU!


You will come across some deep emotion this week. Romance is in the air and you should be on the lookout for it. Do not suppress your desires go out and get what you need!


Something negative is coming your way. You need to be aware of this but do not obsess over it. How you react to this is going to decide whether you let your mood be ruined or not. Don’t just brush it off but try not to overreact as well. You are strong and you will be able to get through this.


You are in for quite a surprise this week. Now whether this surprise is good or bad I cannot say, you will have to see for yourself. Do your best to focus more on your friendships this week and remember that while your relationships are important it is not more important than your friendships. They were there before your boyfriend was and they will be there long after he is gone.


You are going through a tough time right now and you need to take a break. Your emotions are running a much and getting in the way of everything. Slow down, use this week to reflect and allow yourself some time to relax. You need to be in a better mood as good things are coming your way.


Celebrate yourself this week you are only going to go up from here! You need to take notice of your accomplishments on a non-egotistical level. You are finally living up to your potential. Do not take advantage of this success, when someone needs your help this week, do not turn them away.


You are going to be feeling especially bitter this week and it is going to eat away at you. Try to avoid antagonizing your partner and spend some time reflecting. This week will be rough but you will make it through it. Try your best to not let the bitterness you are feeling get the best of you.


You are needed this week more than ever. Someone close to you is going through something intense that they are having trouble speaking about and dealing with. Whether they come to you or not you need to be there for them through this tough time. Let them know you understand what they are going through.


This week you will take it upon yourself to bring about a small get together. This is exactly what you have been needing and it will benefit you greatly. You will enjoy being around those you love and it will pick you up and have you in a better mood for the tests life will be throwing at you in the near future.


You are going to be in a great mood this week but will at some point make someone feel belittled. You need to spend this week dealing with things that you have been putting off rather than exploring the world. You will need to sort things out before heading on any trips you may have planned.


Don’t let others down this week. You will be in an intense setting for part of the week but this is something you do well in. Do your best to make sure everything goes smoothly and it will. Don’t let up, not even for a minute. If you notice something unexpected coming your way do not accept it. The negative energy tied to it will pull you down.