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Whether the relationship ended on your terms or theirs, chances are, there is something you miss about your ex. This could be a big thing or a small thing and in most cases, there is also something that they miss about you.

Your zodiac sign reveals much more to us than you would think. If you want to know what your ex is missing about you check below for your sign. What’s not to miss, right?


Your ex misses your strength and your sense of adventure. Being with you was never boring, to say the least. You kept him on his toes and his new girlfriend is a bit too ordinary for his likings sometimes.


Your ex misses your confidence, he has not even experienced anything like it before you and probably won’t long after as well. You have a comforting presence that helps others to relax when around you and the way you carry yourself is mesmerizing. While you did have a temper you always made up for it.


Your ex misses your positivity. You are always looking up and never down. No matter the situation you always looked for the best outcome. You are able to light a room filled with darkness easily and not many people can do that.


Your ex misses how focused on him you were. He was the center of your world and while at the time it was overwhelming and he couldn’t handle it now that he is single he misses it. He misses you being there whenever he needed you and never leaving his side. He misses never feeling lonely.


Your ex misses how sensitive you were with him and only him. You let him in and showed him things you never did others. You made him feel special which is not something people take lightly. While you are in the spotlight and always busy he was able to see you in your most vulnerable state.


You ex misses your security. You made him feel like you would never leave his side and he thought he could push you past your limits and keep things going but he was mistaken. If he could go back and change things he actually might but there is no sense in dwelling on the past of course. You have long since moved on and do not deal well with people trying to come back into your life after something like that.


Your ex misses your attractive nature. You are beautiful and mysterious, this drives people crazy. It is like seeing a unicorn but not being able to approach it. There is no greater satisfaction than being able to say it is yours.


Your ex misses how interesting you were and passionate. You never let the fire burn out until the very end and did your best to hold things together. You would take on any challenges that came your way without complaint and were able to hold your head up high.


Your ex misses the way you two would travel. He loved going places and doing things with you because of how fun you were. You had a sense of adventure like nothing else and he was amazed by it each and every time you went on a trip. Whether it was one town over or out of the country. You were never boring and that is something hard to find these days.


Your ex mises your surprises. You were always planning things and making him think. He could never pinpoint what you were going to do next and it excited him. You were without a doubt a free-spirit.


Your ex misses being able to talk to you. You are full of wisdom and could talk about anything. You give great advice and always opened up about things easily. Speaking with you was almost like a form of therapy.


Your ex misses the way you cared for him. You always put his needs above yours and he enjoyed it. While it was hurting you it was building him up. He liked having you to count on when something was needed and he liked you being there to get him out of tough situations. You were his scapegoat.