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The dating world can be a very scary and unsure place, especially for those who have tried and failed again and again. However, when you do meet someone, there are signs that indicate whether or not they are the right or wrong person.

And while such signs may be hard to decipher, there are a number of signs that everyone seems to agree on.

1. He Actually Cares About the Time You Spend Together

If he makes an effort to plan dates, or time together for the both of you, then your relationship means something to him.

2. He Works With You as a Team

When you are having a hard time, if he steps up to help you and pick up where you can’t, then he is willing to put in the work it takes to endeavor into a long-term relationship.

3. You Are Better People When You are Together

If you notice that you are trying to be a better person in order to make your lives better, and he is reciprocating, then you have probably found the one. While this may not be the tell-tell sign of a soulmate, it is a major indicator that you are both on the right path.

4. You Make Each Other Laugh

If you can be yourself and laugh at just about anything with your partner, it is likely that you will be able to make each other happy in the long run.

5. He Cares About Being Involved in Your Life

If he is interested in the goings on of your life including your friends, family, work, etc., he is more likely to be there as your ‘forever’ person.

6. When You Are Together You Feel at Peace

When you are in a relationship with your soulmate, things will just feel right. Somehow, when you have found that person, you stop worrying about things that don’t matter, because you know that everything will be ok.

7. You Talk About Him All the Time When You are Apart

When you are separated, if all of your happy stories begin with “I think it’s so amazing how he *insert random story here*,” then you are obviously happy. If you are completely happy and content with him to the extent that you continue to get butterflies at the very thought of him, you may have found the one.

8. You Have a ‘Yin and Yang’ Balancing Effect on One Another

In a lasting relationship, the two of you work in harmony to balance one another. Of course, it won’t always be easy, but in the long-run, you will find time and time again that the two of you seem perfect together.

9. You Quit Looking for Someone Because You Are Finally Content

When you are content with the person you are with as your happy ending, instead of seeking out a partner, you have probably found the one. Once you have lost your desire to be with anyone other than your love, and are finally ready to settle down in whatever capacity is comfortable for your partnership, you are on the right path.

10. You Can Envision a Future With Him

When you can not only see a future with your partner but can also comfortably talk about it, this is a wonderful sign. It means you are both on the same page, and that you are both so happy with each other that you are ready to move onto the next step.

11. You Argue Sometimes

A relationship without arguments is a relationship without love. Arguing (sometimes not all the time) means that you both care enough about your relationship to work towards resolving issues that may arise.

12. You Share Interests

While no two people will ever love the same things all of the time, a working relationship requires at least some similar interests. Oftentimes, the best-shared interests are the ones that you develop together.

13. You Can Make a Fool of Yourselves Together

When you can be vulnerable enough to act like an idiot in front of each other without being embarrassed, it means that you have a wonderful bond that could become unbreakable.

14. He Constantly Surprises You

Each and every day you are together, no matter how long it has been, somehow or another you find a way to surprise each other and to keep each other guessing.