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We all have our own personal routines when it comes to our hygiene. Whether you wash your hair, arms, or face first, we all start somewhere. But, there is actually a deeper meaning than you think.

When I get in the shower, I immediately wash my hair first, and then I move onto my body – starting with my arms. However, that’s just me! Everyone has their own personal routine when they get in the bath or shower, but what makes us decide where to start? I have actually had my own shower thinking session regarding this topic. It turns out that whichever body part you wash first can say a lot about your personality.


People who wash their hair first tend me be very logical people. They are deep thinkers and are very in touch with their emotional side. They are reliable and dedicated people in their work but are also prone to infidelity.


Expectedly, those who wash their ears first are good listeners. They are always looking to gain some type of knowledge somewhere. However, they tend to be a little stubborn too. They are open to new knowledge, but not many people are smarter than this person, according to them anyways. They are extremely confident people.


People who wash their face first are responsible individuals. They always stay on the right path no matter what kind of challenge life throws at them. Their first intent when getting in the shower is to wash the stress of reality off of their face. They are givers of compliments and kind people.


If you wash your neck first, it is rumored that you are a cowardly person. Don’t get angry, not making any judgment! However, these people are short tempered and are always trying to escape responsibility. It is common for them to think everything’s a conspiracy against them.


People who wash their genitals are very sexual people. They are primarily concerned with their relationship life and are always keeping their landscape groomed. They are passionate people and amazing caretakers. They are wonderful partners, and they are nonetheless good in bed.

No matter what part of your body you wash first, each one reveals a different part of your personality. Which part do you wash first? Do you agree?