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We all know that colors control a lot of things in life, each color stimulates a different sensation. Color has a significant impact on mood and emotion.


Blue is the color of confidence and loyalty. It is believed that women are subconsciously attracted to men wearing blue, as they appear to be trustworthy, faithful and stable.

The color blue also subconsciously tells us to lose weight, many dietitians recommend serving food on a blue plate, as it is a natural appetite suppressant.


The color of lust and sexual desire, red physically makes the heart beat faster. Research has found that men are attracted to women that wear red. Red also represents strength and power and is the most emotionally intense color.


Yellow is controversial, it can stimulate both negative and positive responses. Yellow often promotes happiness in small doses, improves memory, revives the mind and spirit and has been shown to stimulate metabolism. On the other hand, studies have shown more arguments arise in yellow rooms and babies are more prone to cry in yellow environments.


Green is associated with growth, healing, recovery and rejuvenation.


Pink has been found to have a tranquilizing effect while lowering heart rate.


Purple can heighten concentration and have an impact on problem-solving and meditation. Purple also elevates thought, contemplation, and awareness.


Black is the most authoritative and powerful color, it also makes people appear thinner which is a win-win situation.


White is light, neutral and versatile. It implies purity and symbolizes innocence.

As you can see, color has an impact on all aspects of life! Are you using colors to your advantage?