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As of recent the zodiac has been a very popular subject; you can find articles on everything to the type of lover you are or how good of a parent you are based on your sign. But… how about the type of criminal you would make, how dangerous are you?

Recently, the FBI shared the birth dates of serial killers and people who show criminal tendencies based on which we found a list of what sun signs are most inclined to commit specific crimes. How do you measure up?


Out of all the zodiac signs, Gemini is the least dangerous. If a Gemini were to live on the dangerous side most likely it would be stealing a pack of gum from the local convenient store. However, that is not to say all Gemini’s are innocent, Jeffrey Dahmer was a Gemini and we all know how that one turned out.



The is Aquarian is generally an amiable person, that is… until you do them wrong. When is comes to danger, this sign can ferocious. But that is only when you do something to deserve it, other than that they are pretty good natured.



Leo’s tend to stay far away from trouble, but they can create a big fuss to get some attention when needed. However, they never act with malicious intent.



Libra’s are known for their patience and kindness, but they are weirdly more likely to commit crime than Leo’s or Geminis. They may snap sometimes, but only when their kindness is taken advantage of.


Virgo’s are the ultimate grudge holders, this sign is more inclined to get into crimes along the lines of hacking, fraud or burglary. They love to keep things neat and tidy, and never do anything without a plan – so don’t expect them to fuck up or leave a messy trail behind once they cross the line.



Pisces tend to become addicted to doing certain things; they have the most known serial killers in their ranks and are considered very dangerous.


Be careful to not piss off a Capricorn. They do not resort to violence often, but when they do they go all the way.


Aries are known for their outbursts; these guys do not know how to hold a grudge. So, stay away from them for a while when they are angry to avoid and serious or bodily harm.



Taureans are possessive and stubborn, they are known for their temperamental ways. The bull is prone to rage and risk. This sign prefers crimes that go along the lines of money laundering or financial crimes because they prefer solitude and hate engaging with others. Plus… they love money.


For the Sagittarius, it is go big or go home, meaning they gravitate towards bigger mass crimes and announcing themselves as leaders.



Scorpio’s are known for being jealous, aggressive and vindictive; in other words, don’t mess with them! Once they go bad, they never go back. Think Murder. Although they might not be committing the evil deeds themselves, know that they are pulling the strings. Be careful, you might get stung.



Cancer, the most dangerous of them all. Cancers struggle with mental instability and mood swings, making them prone to acting in the moment. Crimes of passion are common among people who have this sign. If you are in a relationship with the crap be careful not to get pinched.