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I don’t think I can name one single person who doesn’t have at least mild anxiety. Of course, some people hide it better than others and some people have much more anxiety than others but it seems like this day and age is full of balls of nervousness.

Chances are you already know there are tons of different kinds of anxiety and ways to deal with it. Fear is actually something that causes a lot of anxiety, for me anyway. How anxious are you based off your zodiac sign?


You put more stress on yourself than you should. You feel like you always have to be the best and do everything right, but you don’t.


You are one of those people who overthinks things that they cannot change. A lot of your anxiety is from things in the past that you no longer have control over.


You are one of the most anxious signs there are. You take something small and make it out to be enormous.


You do everything down to the T. You can’t let yourself be free to make mistakes because criticism scares the shit out of you.


You don’t always try or even half-ass things that matter because you don’t want people to think of you as someone who they can count on. You would rather let them down once than every day. You get discouraged easily.


You are a never ending ball of stress bouncing off the wall. You get upset over nothing and have no clue how to calm yourself.


You pretend everything is fine whether it is or not. You want other people to believe your life is perfect but the truth is, it is far from perfect.


You hate rejection so much that even the thought of asking someone out tears you up inside. You need attention but have no idea how to go about getting it.


You are always feeling trapped and that is no fun. You want to remove yourself from any situations that make you feel uncomfortable but often cannot.


You always put yourself beside those who achieve more than you. You can never just be happy about your accomplishments. There always has to be more. You are anxious because you don’t think you will ever be able to do enough.


You want to make everyone happy and end up running in circles. You are disappointed in yourself a lot because there is only one of you and you cannot get everything done that you want. Slow down.


You hate groups of people and avoid them like the plague. You are likable and people don’t judge you often but you are not aware of that.