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Okay so yes, this could be a bit confusing if you’re someone who bases everything off of modern medicine standards. According to modern medicine, there are only 4 different blood types, right?

Type A, B, AB, and O. The main difference in these is related to the amount of protein present in the type of blood itself. However, these are not the only 4 blood types there is another known as RH negative (and positive of course) that makes up for quite an interesting exception. It does not have proteins at all.

Theories on why this is so have been going strong for a long time now and one of those theories relates back to a protein deficiency while some go so far as to say these people who happen to have this blood type originate from another world. Only about 15% of the human population has this blood type so you can definitely consider it to be rare.

The people who carry this type of blood all have a few quite interesting characteristics. For one they can help others with their blood but when it comes to getting blood for them resources are limited as only their type can help them. Most of the people who have this blood type live in the North of Europe, strange right? These people often have a lower than average body temperature than everyone else.

Who else knows what interesting things we may find out about these people in the future, could their ancestors really have been from another world? I think it is very possible. Please take the time to watch the video below for more information on this and some of the theories surrounding it.