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How does the full moon affect your relationships? Could it be doing more damage than good?

The Moon rules our emotions and is able to amplify them to an extent we are not familiar with. This can lead to a very big mix of feelings and bring about lots of mayhem. During a full moon, we are being given an opportunity to become more aware of our own physical behaviors and emotions as well as the emotions and physical behaviors of those close to us. When we come in contact with a full moon any existing relationship issues we have been having will come to a head. This can be both a good and a bad thing.

During a full moon, most of us will feel torn and weak but this is not the time to give up. It is the best time for you to fight for what is right. You can smooth out any problems during a full moon if you choose to do so. While the full moon comes with a lot of hectic energy it is very important when it comes to strengthening your bonds and making the best of all relationships.

You can reflect during the full moon and then address things later or you can jump head first into the fire and resolve your issues right then and there. While no matter what you do it will feel like things are going against you or happening all at once but they really aren’t. Allow your mind to clear itself and let go of relationships that are not getting you anywhere.

Now, that being said, during this time some people will be tempted to reach out to those who they have been estranged from. This very vulnerable period can make you seem much weaker than you really are. Please keep in mind there is nothing weak about being strong enough to abandon your ego and authentically communicate with someone who matters in your life. While we may not completely understand the full moon we do respect it and the energy that comes with it. It is vital to meditate and remain grounded during a full moon in order to keep from absorbing the emotions of others.

If you can make it through the full moon and overcome all of the energy it throws at you without carrying the emotional load of someone else you are doing something right. Refrain from being pulled into heated arguments and if things must be sorted out, talk, do not yell. We are going to seem much more irritable than we would normally during this time but it will pass.

Dig deep into your soul and accept the dramatic transformation for all that it is. Your awareness will be heightened and you are going to be drawn to whatever it is you desire in a relationship. Do not be afraid, something wonderful always comes about when the full moon works as it should.