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The moon has a lot to do with our metaphysical and interpersonal influences. It affects your mood, personality, and especially relationships.

The moon is the ruler of all tides and the night sky; it has an extraordinary role in astrology. The way we feel about things and the way we affect the emotions of the people we love can all comes from our lunar neighbor. Looking at moon and sun information in your birth chart can supply you with significant guidance’s because it has a lot to do with the way we get through life. The moon can dramatically affect your relationship, especially a romantic one.

There are a ton of different aspects about our life that the moon affects. Romance and human sexuality are massively controlled by the forces of the moon. Full moons can affect women’s hormone levels and sex drive. More babies are born under a full moon than anytime.

Thousands of years ago when we just lived with the earth and the stars, woman’s menstruation cycles and ovulation cycles were synchronized with the phases of the moon. In fact, the word menstruation is derived from the prefix ‘mens’ – which literally means moon! In ancient times women would menstruate during the new moon and ovulate during the full moon.

It seems like a little much to be real, but you can actually see this all over nature today! Crustaceans make a journey to beaches all around the world to release their eggs under a full moon. They do this because they instinctively know they’ll have less of a journey to make due to high tide. When the tide is high animals can also assure their eggs won’t be washed away. Of course, humans don’t lay eggs, we do have a lot of the same instinctive behavior.

Our sexual energy is extremely increased during a full moon. We are more intimate, romantic, extroverted, and connected during this time. We have more interest in our partner during the full moon because there is such increased gravitational pull. It makes us have more of an interest in sex too.

The water that primarily makes up our entire bodies is raised just like the high tides during a full moon and can be a catalyst to childbirth, according to Discovery Health. Rising Estrogen and Testosterone are other effects of a full moon.

All of these factors make the full moon the perfect time for love making and baby making. Plan a date night or a romantic activity  with your special someone during the full moon! You can guarantee that sparks will be flying.