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We all know someone who hates everyone. If you don’t at least have a friend who seems to hate everyone, it might be you. Hating everyone is a particularly different thing to deal with, and you really don’t get a choice.

They aren’t evil people, they just aren’t fond of meeting new ones. Don’t think they hate every single person either; because they don’t. They hate strangers, and the interpersonal glances you get in the stores. These are definitely the people that flash you the resting bitch face as cold as medusa. You don’t want to mess around with these girls either. They always mean business, but they are also amazing friends and family. They are extremely protective over the ones they love and they will stop at no ends to defend their honor. So I would recommend staying away from their loved ones too.

The type of girl that hates everyone loves differently though. It is primal, maternal even. They look after their friends like a lioness does her cubs. If you know a girl like this, you know she has a natural habit of mothering her friends. She hates because she wants to love, not because she wants to maintain her negativity.

These girls have a certain sense when it comes to bullshit too. Don’t ever try to suck up to them because that will get you the opposite place you want to be. Buttering her up to get what you want will never work, she isn’t easily taken advantage of. She smells your bullshit from a mile away, and she has no problem giving you the cold shoulder. This can make things difficult for her too, because she doesn’t want to write everyone off. However, when you can see so much bullshit in people it can be hard not to obsess over protecting yourself. She often has problems with an emotional barrier she has set up.

Just like she can see the bullshit in good people, she can also see the good in all the bad people. She values emotional reasoning over mental logic. She can see the soul in every individual she comes into contact with, which ideally makes things a bit more complicated. Because of this, she has unadmittedly let some people take advantage of her because she wanted to see the good in them.

Her needs are often overlooked as well. She is always busy protecting herself and the ones she loves, that people forget she needs to be taken care of too. If you have a girl like this in your life tell her that you love her. Just because she doesn’t ask for help, doesn’t mean she she is fine and dandy. She often doesn’t want to inconvenience the ones she’s worked so hard to take care of, so she brushes her own issues off and continues.

All in all the girl who hates everyone is unique. She is a powerful girl and she will stop at no lengths to take care of the ones she loves. It’s not easy to pry yourself into her life, but if you can manage to, you’re very lucky. Don’t mess it up either, because that’s the best friend/girlfriend you’ll ever have.