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We can all appreciate someone who kisses good. We all have our different techniques and routines when it comes to kissing, but what does science have to say about it?

No matter what kind of kisser you are, you know how bad it is to run into someone who doesn’t kiss well. It can be hard to learn to kiss well because you have to learn through trial and error, and many people have admittedly ended a relationship with someone because of their kissing skills. According to science, there’s a certain amount of criteria you have to meet in order to proclaim the good kisser title.

When you’re kissing men, research has shown that men prefer wetter kisses, and more tongue. Men also tend to like it when a girl comes out of her comfort zone, so don’t be afraid to give him a little sloppy one. Women however, prefer a cleaner kiss. Research has shown that the number one complaint a woman has about bad kissers is too much tongue. Don’t get too crazy when it comes to kissing the ladies. This might be because women typically have a smaller mouth than men. A man’s large tongue might be just a little much in her mouth.

Studies also show that if you can match your lover’s breathing patterns they will be more into the kiss. Couples enjoy kisses more when their breaths are synced in tempo. Studies have found that 59% of men have confessed in ending a relationship over a bad kisser. Likewise, 66% of women have done the same thing. Women also have a very strong sense of smell and taste which means you’ll need to demonstrate good oral hygiene.

Aside from demonstrating good oral hygiene and having good breathe, you’re also going to want to trim the beard up before going in to kiss a woman. This is because the rough beard texture can leave a rash on the woman’s face. Go for the neck too, 93% of girls said that was their favorite place to be kissed other than the lips. However, girls don’t do the same because only 10% of men reported they enjoyed neck kisses. You should make the first move though, because men surveys show they really like it when the woman takes lead.

If you feel like you might need to improve your kissing technique these tips will be a wonderful help to you; and don’t be so hard on yourself. Practice makes perfect right?