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The moon has some magical cosmic power, and it is about to send some intense positive vibrations our way. Get ready because it is coming on June 24th.

The super moon on April 26th started a interstellar phase that was extremely energetic. On June 24th, the phase will be completed and the energy will be sent our way. There is a reason why we have all felt so challenged lately. Life has been hard for the past few months, not just for me, but for everyone. Whatever your struggle has been, it has felt like we have been bouncing from one emotional issue to another. The super moon of June is going to clear the way and end the phase so that we can receive this massive amount of energy.

Everything is in sequence when it comes to the stars, the universe, and everything in between. The current super moon sequence is closing its three month portal on June 24th, thus leaving us with some time to get back on our feet. You might also want to expect the unexpected when it comes to good luck. During this time you will experience a relief in stress, depression, and anxiety. Every new moon represents a new opportunity to start fresh. The super moon is a catalyst for positive transformation in whatever area of your life that needs it.

If you can manage to accept and utilize the energetic push of the new super moon you will undergo extreme relief and change. Your life will change for the better, and your yearning for something might even disappear. We metamorphosis at really high speeds, faster than anything we have ever saw before or imagined. But, if you are open minded and willing to participate by tuning into this highly charged cosmic energy, you will find yourself acting as a magnet to the things you’ve wanted to receive.

If you are willing to fearlessly open your heart to love without conditions or expectation in all areas of your life, you will consciously remove the barriers that encounter our flow of energy. When the barriers are removed you will naturally and magnetically attract high frequency vibrations. To align yourself with the current lunar energy radiating, all you have to do is this simple practice.

You will need to do this practice the evening of the new moon, the day before the new moon, and the day after. It is very simple to do, and anyone can do it. It might be what’s holding you back from a successful year. Open your heart up and believe!

You will need:

A cushion or mat to sit on (personal choice)
Two sheets of paper
A fireproof bowl to safely burn a sheet of paper
A lighter

Go outdoors and find a place that feels sacred, peaceful, and calm.

Cleanse surrounding energy and raise the vibration of internal and external energy by saying, singing, or chanting a prayer or meaningful words and burning candles, sage, or incense.

An example is:

I accept this manifestation only if it serves my own and other people’s highest good.
I am open to change.
I welcome abundance.
I am ready to receive.
Sending gratitude for this transformational energy.

Now focus the mind solely on one particular venture or experience you would like to manifest. It will benefit the practice if beforehand you have clearly defined what it is you would like to see occurring in your life over the next few months.