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Sometimes people fuck us over to the point where we are done. There is literally nothing they can do to fix things and we are ready to move on.

It takes a lot for us to get to this point and for each sign it is different. If you think you’re over him chances are you are not unless the following is true for your sign. There are many different ways to know if you are just ‘done’ or really DONE.


When an Aries is done they will put much more into their work than they were before. They will use their extra time wisely rather than sulking and actually sign up for some activities. They will focus on improving their own lives and focus on building themselves up.


When a Taurus is done they will stop feeling jealous. Nothing their ‘ex’ can do at this point will bother them. They will get back into their favorite things and appreciate all that flirting is.


When a Gemini is done they will begin exploring everything again. They will let go of that person and focus on their friends and working towards meeting new people. They will surround themselves with things that make them happy and it will benefit them greatly.


When a Cancer is done they will spend more time with their friends. They will admit that the relationship was not going anywhere and move on with their lives. Sure, sometimes they will be a bit sulky but they will make it through.


When a Leo is done they will not dwell on things too much. They will work towards their goals and start to place as much energy as possible into their work. The Leo will not let you see them upset over this, they are just fine.


When a Virgo is done they will do whatever they want to do no matter what that is. They will be out of control at first but once their fun has calmed they will be getting back into a peaceful state.


When a Libra is done they will immediately be looking for someone else to latch onto. They are very dependent and need love. Once the Libra moves on they are not coming back.


When a Scorpio is done they will talk to those who care about them more in a very deep way; They will talk out their feelings and work towards building a life without you and moving forward on their path in this life.


When a Sagittarius is done they will travel much more. They will have plenty of trips planned before you are even out of the door. They will not let you ruin their plans and will come and go as they please. They will appreciate the freedom of having no ties to you.


When a Capricorn is done they will change their whole personality in a sense. They become less ‘perfect’ and more fun. They are more willing to open up to those who care about them at this point and look forward to finding a better match for themselves.


When an Aquarius is done they will stop taking off, they will stay put and talk to their friends and family about this. They will spend more time on their intellectual selves and stop being stuck in the idea that the person they were with was the only one for them.


When a Pisces is done they will stop feeling sorry for themselves. They will cut the person out of their lives completely and bounce back in a huge way.