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Of course, we all want to have the best sex we can, sex feels great and is something we all enjoy. Is the shared orgasm something you have not yet achieved?

If you have not yet reached a shared climax or would like to improve your current sex like the steps below could help you in a big way. When it comes to having sex pleasuring each other is very important. You need yours and your partner needs theirs.

1. Find out what makes your partner tick.

There are often things that can be done to trigger an orgasm. If something gets your partner going more than other things it is safe to say that is what you should be doing.

2. Don’t get lazy.

Put extra effort into this. Focus on who you are with and the connection you have. Don’t get lazy and make it all about you getting off and forgetting to please your partner. This is something that people do all too often.

3. Make sure you are into the person.

When you are really into someone orgasming together should happen almost naturally. You are already so intense as it is having sex only increases the pleasure. Orgasming together if it does not happen right away will be a piece of cake if you are truly into the person and know what makes them tick.

4. Know their turn offs.

It is important to know the things that completely ruin the mood. You don’t want to have your partner close to orgasm and then ruin it last minute.

5. Talk to your partner.

Now, I’m not saying you should have a full blown conversation during sex but you should know that you are both doing things right and giving each other exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re about to cum let your partner know, for some men just hearing that is enough to send them into climax.

It is important to maintain a good sex life. This is something that is good for your mental and physical health no matter how you look at it. Once you reach the shared orgasm it will become increasingly common in your life. Have you every had a shared orgasm and how did it make you feel? For more information on how important maintaining a good sex life is please take the time to watch the video below.