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Each zodiac sign is different. We all have a different way we like to be stimulates and when it comes to pleasing your man this could be something you really want to look into.

For some, our senses can be stimulated through a person’s behavior while others can be stimulated through touching a specific spot. Look for his sign below to see how you need to be stimulating his senses. Is this something you have tried before or not?


Aries love to be loved on. When it comes to stimulating an Aries shower them with kisses. They love bold and impulsive behavior. You will catch them off guard in a good way if you unexpectedly plant a kiss on their cheek or even their forehead.


When it comes to a Taurus a back massage is something that will get you really far. Not to mention touching their back in such an intimate way will drive their libido up hardcore.


A Gemini needs conversation in order to gain interest in someone. If they can’t talk to you, well they can’t do anything with you. Oftentimes it is hard to get a Gemini to shut up, however, if they stop and let you talk from time to time they are interested. If things get further and you are able to touch their hands without seeming creepy go for it. Their hands are one of their most sensitive places.


Any cute sweet nothing will get a Cancer going. Come up and hug them from behind any small gesture will be enough. This sign is a very sensitive one so don’t overdo it, just be sensual.


You need to find a way to make your Leo feel special but still limit their vanity. They need to be able to talk to you without getting bored and feel challenged sometimes as well. Now, when it comes to the physical still maybe try giving them a small kiss on the back of their neck. It may just drive them wild.


Virgos come off as assholes, in the beginning, you may not even be interested at the start. However, once you get to know them they become something else entirely. Virgos are often hard to please and won’t even let you try in the early stages of a relationship. They need to feel secure to fully open up and need to feel useful. If you are trying to win over a Virgo they need to know you are trustworthy. When you are having intercourse with a Virgo take charge and make sure they get maximum pleasure this is the best way to stimulate them because of their need for relaxation.


Compliment your Libra, make some romantic gestures. When it comes to a Libra all they need to give them that extra push is a few lust-filled moans. Show your Libra how much they get you going and that will get them going in the long run.


You don’t actually need to work on a Scorpio because if they want you they will come for you. The only thing I can tell you about this sign is that once you have their interest make sure you don’t lose it. Try mixing things up in the bedroom from time to time,


This is one of the more ‘different’ signs. In order to make this one swoon, you will need to have a good sense of humor as well as personal values. Try playing a little hard to get, they love the chase. Sagittarius are actually quite romantic and playful once you get to know them.


Foreplay is key when it comes to being with a Capricorn. When they make love they take their time and get things going the right way. While it may take time to get really intimate with a Capricorn make sure to be ready for a slow and intense game of foreplay for a long time before the act itself. If you can master that then the intercourse itself will be amazing. Take charge sometimes, they really like that.


Massage their feet and be sensual about it. Explore your Aquarius with your hands as often as you can. This will drive them wild. In order to keep them coming back for more always look for fun new things to do in the bedroom.


Let them do what they want to you. Letting a Pisces take charge is one of the best things you can do in your relationship. While you may be used to being the one giving your all sometimes they want to do the same. Let them tie you up and do whatever they want to you.