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Lord Shani for those who do not know is one of the nine heavenly objects. It refers to the planet Saturn. When Lord Shani enters your zodiac sign a number of things could happen, some being good and others being devastating.

When Lord Shani arrives in a beneficial house it will overwhelm them with happiness and in opposite conditions, it will show them misery and sorrow. That is just how Lord Shani works. Lord Shani brings about a lot of fear and with good reason, however, the work he does is important, to say the least. He punishes and rewards us humans based off of our deeds.

Do good and receive good, do bad and receive bad. It is that simple. Shani is also referred to as the planet of justice for this reason. When Lord Shani enters your sign you must be very cautious of your karma. Here is what will happen to you when Lord Shani enters your sign this year based on your zodiac sign.


Lord Shani will not hurt you health-wise but he will damage you when it comes to your work. You need to take the time to really buckle down this year and try not to take any business risks as this year will not be very profitable for you. Do not invest your hard-earned cash just yet. Stay wary.


Lord Shani will cause you some type of physical pain that could come in the form of a headache or even some sort of stomach issue. It is ideal to go with the flow and not change much this year if you want to keep your financial stability.


You will gain so much this year, more cash and more friendships to come. Now, if you are in a serious relationship or married be ready for some fighting. Do not give up, the fighting will end without the two of you separating. This is going to be a very intense year for you.


The effects you get from Lord Shani will not be too bad but also will not be good. This year will be rewarding when it comes to money but there will be some intense obstacles for you to deal with.


You’re going to be benefiting a lot from Lord Shani. Your deepest desires will be coming true. Anything bothering you or your family will be dealt with and you may do something amazing this year.


This year is going to be a difficult one for you. You will be forced to put a ton more effort into things than you normally would and will still be forced to face unnecessary troubles.


You will be able to breathe a little better this year. Things won’t be quite as bad as they have been for you. You will get blended outcomes from Lord Shani which you should be grateful for. Health-wise things will be fine and while your cash flow will be unstable things will work out.


You will be showered with blessings. While things won’t instantly get better overnight things will get better. Good things are well on their way.


This year will be mixed for you as well. Shani will hover over your sign for the entire year and you will face a lot of hardships, especially concerning your health. Luckily your family will be by your side through all of this. Take care of yourself as best you can this year.


You will be in a dark place within your mind. Overthinking will get you nowhere. You will deal with a lot of instability and it will have you down in the dumps, to say the least. However, you should keep in mind things could always be much worse.


This year will be alright for you. You will not deal with any major medical issues and you will be okay in the financial areas of your life. However, this is not to say that you will not have your fair share of minor medical issues this year.


You will see some improvements in your career. Maybe a higher income. This year is going to be very good for you.

Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius on April 7th  and re-enters Scorpio on June 21st  2017. From June 21st to  Oct 27th Saturn continues its journey in Scorpio and transits to Sagittarius yet again on Oct 27th 2017.