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Women with the resting bitch face are often viewed as scary, and not that she shouldn’t be. These women are very fierce and should always be taken seriously. In fact, some studies even say they’re smarter.

It’s true, according to science women with resting bitch face are actually smarter than women with friendly faces. The research was performed by Texas Women’s University, and according to them, resting bitch face means you have a higher sense of awareness. Not only that, but they also found that women who wear the resting bitch face are also better communicators!

They say this because women with RBF (resting bitch face) tend to focus more on language, rather than facial cues. Researchers say that concentrating on language rather than physical cues can create a better flow of understanding. While their behavior of often mistaken as rude or unkind, they are actually just very serious ladies! The scientists from the research study encourage women to embrace their resting bitchfaces! It means you’re self-aware!