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We are all affected by things differently and it relates back to our zodiac signs. When it comes to our lives we are all damaging to ourselves in different ways, whether we are aware of it or not. How are you ruining your life based on your zodiac sign?


You are one of those people who get stuck in unfortunate situations. You are overly touchy and that is a problem. You are making things worse on yourself by overreacting.


You are not living your life to the fullest. You are too wrapped up in trying to control others that you forget to do things you enjoy. You cannot control everyone and you need to come to terms with that.


You settle for what is given to you and do not reach for something better. You do not know what you need in this life so you end up with what little you can get without questioning it. You are damaging yourself.


You are always putting others before yourself and it gets in the way of your happiness. You should not be spending all your extra money on people who do not give a shit about you. You lose yourself trying to save everyone else.


You hide your feelings and this strains all ties with other people. You are hurting yourself by seeing everything about you as a weakness. You are not weak, you are strong.


You are too hard on yourself. There is no reason to always feel so down. You are not a fuck up. Everyone makes mistakes. You need to find a sense of respect for who you are and stop letting others bring you down.


You destroy your life by attempting to make sure you are adored by others. You should not seek validity in others. You are amazing and you need to know that without consulting others.


You are always putting yourself in situations where you have to be alone. This is not good in any way, being alone makes you feel bad but for some reason, you prefer it that way. You need to worry about yourself and those you care about more.


You are one of the most obnoxious people out there and it makes you lose your sense of direction. You need to concentrate on one thing and settle down. There is nothing holding you back but yourself.


You are always trying to take the weight of the issue on your shoulders and your shoulders alone. Let others help. There is no shame in needing a helping hand from time to time.


You let the bad things in your past define who you are and where you are in the now and in the future. You need to let go of the past and live for today. Our lives are too short for moping around about things that happened ten years ago. Move on!


You are always surrounding yourself with the wrong types of people. You pick people to be close to that will hurt you in the end and you never go for those who truly care about you. You need to open your eyes.