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I have never wanted kids. Weird, right? I understand that having children is something most people do and is considered what we ‘should’ all do but it just isn’t for me.

No, I did not come up in a broken home. I have a Mom and a Dad who both love me. I have had a good life and there have not been any ‘life-changing experiences’ happen that lead me to not want children. I just don’t want them.

Yes, I have heard the ”you’ll change your mind someday”  bullshit and the ”well when you get pregnant you’ll change your mind” BULLSHIT as well. For one, I won’t change my mind. People have been telling me for around 13 years that I will change my mind and so far I have not. I don’t hate children but I am definitely not a fan of them.

Here are all the reasons why I don’t want kids for those of you who could not fathom the thought of someone not wanting a crotch goblin:

I am selfish.

I am selfish and there is nothing wrong with that. I want to spend all of my money on myself and not have to deal with a kid. I want to travel and enjoy my life without having to take care of a kid. I do not have the time or energy to deal with all of that.

I don’t particularly like children.

Crazy, right? They cry, poop, and eat and drain you of your bank account. I would much rather just stick to my dogs. They are more than enough children for me.

People often tell me that if I were to get pregnant I would feel differently but you see, I wouldn’t. I go through all the necessary precautions to ensure I do not get pregnant and would without a doubt abort it if I ever got pregnant. “But abortion is murder!” No, it isn’t. SIT THE FUCK DOWN!

I am selfish and there is nothing wrong with that. Not everyone has to be a breeder. Some people are just not interested in having children.

My boyfriend is also not interested in ever having children which is great because the evidence showing that relationships between spouses actually decline once they have children. It shows that they actually become less happy in general. I love my boyfriend and we are happy without children.

I cannot tell you how many times people have shamed me for not having or not wanting children and it is ridiculous. You live your life and I will live mine. I am sure some of the things in this are going to cause quite the controversy but they needed to be said. If you want to have children go ahead, no one is stopping you but don’t shit on those who are not interested in having them.

Everyone deserves respect those with and without children. Just because I want different things in life than you do does not make me less of a woman. So, all of that being said, do you want children? To loosen up some of the tension I am sure is building up here please take the time to watch the video below, if my reasons weren’t enough to get the point across some of these images might be.