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While you may not think about this sort of thing often your birth month can tell us a lot about you. What does your birth month say about you?


You are a very well driven person who has a kind heart. While you do over criticize a lot of people those close to you don’t mind it because you have good intentions. You are smart, organized and love a good deep conversation. When it comes to getting where you need to be in life working hard is one of your strong points.


You are a very clever person who knows what you need in life. You are a bit sensitive and shy but once people get to know you, you can be quite outgoing. You love your freedom and sometimes go through a streak of rebellion but there is nothing wrong with that. You do not like being hurt emotionally and often do not take relationship risks because of this.


You are quiet and love being in nature. While you do have a temper it does not come without reason. You are quite hasty when it comes to choosing partners and are often caught up in fantasizing. That being said you are naturally honest and very generous.


You love attention and are very active in general. You are great at solving other people’s problems but not your own and when it comes to your emotions you can be a bit aggressive.


You attract others with ease and develop deep feelings quickly. You are highly motivated and love to dream. There is nothing you cannot do when you put your mind to it. The thing you hate the most is being bored at home, you would much rather be out traveling.


You are soft-spoken and always have lots of ideas to bring to the table. You are fun and are great when it comes to debating. When it boils down to the core you get bored far too easily and are quite the daydreamer.


You are far too concerned with the feelings of others. You love too hard and get caught up in the drama of those around you all the time. You are fun to be around but because of your caring nature, you often get taken advantage of.


You are egotistical, to say the least. You are always itching for praise from others and it is not cute in the least bit. You love to make jokes and are easily angered. Your best quality is your ability to easily make friends.


You love to point out the mistakes of others but hate it when people do the same to you. You have a good memory and are very understanding for the most part but have a hard time showing your emotions.


You are a great friend and love those who care for you. You get hurt easily but always bounce back after. When it comes to confidence you don’t have very much but are strong even without it.


You are a sharp thinker who can be secretive when needed. You are stubborn and not all that talkative. However, you are trustworthy and love deeply.


You are fun to be with and will not pretend for anyone. You take pride in yourself and love to joke around. You are very social and sexy.