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Why is it that people find being alone as a bad thing? I love being alone.

Every time I tell someone about my plans with myself they look at me with pity as if they feel bad for me. Why is it that people assume if you do things alone you are lonely? I am not lonely. Spending time alone should not be considered socially unacceptable.

People need time alone, being alone gives us time to reflect on life and gather our thoughts. The more time we spend alone the more self-sufficient we are. Don’t get me wrong occasionally I will want to go out with friends, but when I want to be alone, you should not judge me for it. I enjoy my own company.

There is no need to show up at my house with pizza because you think it will make me feel better, I do not feel bad. I am upbeat and happy. I am a homebody and I enjoy spending time with myself. I appreciate the gesture, but it is not needed.

I am comfortable when I am alone. Being alone helps me to take things one step at a time and get to know my true self. If you don’t spend much time alone you should give it a try. You will realize that you are enough for yourself and you should be content in that. Don’t let yourself be afraid of being judged, your soul needs time to reflect.

Don’t hesitate to give yourself what you need. You can be all that you need in life if you just accept yourself for who you are. Friends come and go but you are who you are forever. Don’t worry about me, I love spending time with myself.