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Have you ever felt like you couldn’t explain what you were going through? For people with anxiety, life is like this.

However, artist Marzi came up with a great way to explain how people with anxiety feel. If you or someone in your life suffers from anxiety this is the comic series for you. It is called Introvert Doodles and it actually began as a ‘self-pep talk.’ Marzi realized her introverted tendencies after taking a personality test and came to understand that these things were not flaws but a wonderful part of her personality.

Below you will find a few of the doodle comic strips from her site:

To see more of her amazing work please check out her website by clicking here and if you have the time follow her on Instagram. I am so happy about how on point her comic strips are. Will you be using these to explain how you feel to those around you? I know I will, especially in those extremely hard to explain situations.