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Sometimes we have a hard time telling the difference between real love and fake love. You see, legitimate love is always different and no two ‘loves’ are the same, I may love my significant other in a completely different way than my friend loves her significant other.

A lot of people, however, fall victim to people claiming they love them who are just using them for their own personal gain. This causes them to get hurt in the end and is completely uncalled for. That is why most people are not quick to love and always question a person’s motives.

If you are overly skeptical about love like I am you should be able to see a person’s intentions by putting them to the test. Spend some time with this person and compare them with the list below. If he does these ten things then he really does love you and you have nothing to be worried about. Enjoy!

1. He spends a lot of time with you.

Someone who cares about you is going to want to spend time with you. He will feel like he cannot get enough of you. When someone willingly gives you their free time it is a huge sign that they are prioritizing you.

2. He notices the small things.

He pays attention to detail and picks up on a lot of the small things you hint at. He is aware that the things you like and the things you do are important.

3. He makes an effort to ‘like’ the things you like.

Whether he really enjoys your hobbies or not he makes an effort to try them out and likes them to an extent because they make you happy.

4. He makes you feel involved.

He wants you to know that you matter to him and that you are in the loop about the things going on in his life. He doesn’t make you feel like he is keeping things from you.

5. He doesn’t give you room to worry.

He takes care of your relationship and won’t leave you second-guessing him or his intentions.

6. He communicates well.

If there is something bothering you he will want to talk it through. He wants to be able to ease your troubled mind when he needs to.

7. You have a connection with each other.

You have chemistry. He knows how to tell what you are feeling just by looking at you and you can do the same for him. It is almost like you two can speak without words.

8. He goes out of his way to make you happy.

He does things to bring a smile to your face. Whether it is making dinner or bringing you flowers to work he goes above and beyond to put extra effort into things.

9. He takes care of you.

If you need something he is more than willing to go get it for you. If you are sick he will be your nurse without you even asking.

10. He is nice to your bitchy friends.

He even accepts your friends, yes the ones who hate him. He is nice to them and keeps a respectable distance.