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“To study the Way is to study the self. To study the self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to be enlightened by all things.”

  • Dogen

Your spiritual journey is a deeply personal one. As one becomes more in tune with their spiritual self, moving closer to mastery, you enter into a new stage in life. This is a time where you begin to work to educate and inspire others, leading those who are placed in our lives in their own spiritual journey. We help to open their eyes to their current way of living, showing the benefits of opening their hearts and souls to the higher calling of the Universe.

The ability to share personal experiences and life stories is often the best teacher outside of the trial and error of living through each of life’s lessons. It builds a higher level of trust and authority in those we look to for guidance and direction.

How will we know that we have met a Spiritual Master? Watch for these 7 traits…

  1. They Are Natural Teachers: Speaking their heart and reaching out to others comes naturally, and many Spiritual Masters don’t even realize that they are sharing powerful lessons with those that they encounter.


  1. Free of Judgement and Prejudice: When one reaches the level of spirituality required to be considered a master, they have let go of the hatred and negativity that drive judgment.


  1. They Are the Personification of Love: Throughout their own spiritual journey, they have practiced the art of loving others unconditionally, regardless of who they are. This becomes so natural to them that they radiate love everywhere they go.


  1. Deeply Connected with the Earth: They are aware of the interconnectedness of the earth and all of its inhabitants, and the many ways in which they are all tied together. They understand that they don’t own the earth, and highly respect all that it provides.


  1. They Are Sensitive but Non-Reactive: While Spiritual Masters are highly sensitive, they understand the boundaries that exist between feeling and acting upon a feeling, and are able to take responsibility for their actions.


  1. Free of Attachments: They have a deep understanding of what is truly important in life, and this enables them to let go of things that don’t’ matter. They acknowledge that everything on Earth is temporary, and don’t waste their time holding onto material desires.


  1. They are Sincere and Humble: Understanding the bigger picture of the Universe, they understand that they play just a small role. They genuinely care for others and are able to leave their ego out of it.