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Our souls live many lives and we know people on another level than we do now. Even people we have never met could have been our lovers in a past life.

Just because we do not remember these people does not mean we do not know them. Have you ever met someone and instantly felt like you had known them forever? This is because your subconscious remembers what you do not.

While the memories of our past lives are locked away some people, places, and things can trigger glimpses of them. If you notice any of the following five things when meeting someone new chances are you knew them in a past life. They may be new to you but are not new to your soul.

1. Instant Connection or Repulsion

Not everyone we knew in our past lives was someone we had a positive experience with. You will feel something unique when you meet them whether it be sadness or happiness. Just because you do not know the person does not mean you are not connected.

2. Their Eyes Reveal More.

When you look into their eyes you feel like you have done so a million times before. You see the eyes are the mirror to the soul.

3. Telepathic Connection

You think about this person and suddenly get a text from them and things of that sort. You have something unexplainable. You’re comfortable around one another and think alike. (Your souls are already settled into one another.)

4. You Know Things.

You can guess small details about one another. This person may already know your favorite flavor of ice cream without having seen you eating it and so forth. You do not know how these things are known but they are.

5. You Feel More Like Yourself.

This person makes you feel more like yourself. You see when we bring parts of our past together it makes us feel more whole.