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For those who do not know an advanced soul is an enlightened person who came into this world with a specific purpose. These people are meant to bring light to their part of the world.

Advanced souls are also sometimes referred to as old souls. This being because they have lived many lives already. These are souls that have progressed to a state of advanced spiritual knowledge. These people are more than aware and balanced. These souls are ones who possess many different characteristics than ordinary human beings.

If you think you are or known an advanced soul but need a little reassurance look for the following traits:

1. They love differently.

They use love as a means to help others down the right path. Love is something tons of people are looking for, they are more than able to provide that.

2. They love animals.

Animals also love them. They seem to understand one another on a deeper level than most. Even the most terrifying animals seem to be fine with advanced souls for the most part. They often have pets and will not pass up the opportunity to pet your dog if you will let them.

3. They spend a lot of time in nature.

They love spending time in nature and if they have free time they will likely be spending it outdoors. Nothing beats fresh air and tranquility.

4. They enjoy alone time.

They like to be alone sometimes. This allows them to maintain their spiritual strength and keeps them grounded.

5. They look much younger than they seem.

They look young but sound old. Usually, they also maintain their health well. You will be amazed at how old they really are but then also find them to be wise beyond their years.

6. They only believe in the things that ‘are.’

To them, there is only what is, no positive or negative. They exist in all and nothing at the same time. Their life is much different than the lives of others.

7. They are not materialistic.

They only strive to live comfortably and simply. All of the extra stuff is not of importance to them. They know this existence is only temporary and thrive in it as they see fit.

8. They believe all things are connected.

Everything to them comes from one source. To these people, all spirits and such are connected. They see this world for all that it is and it goes far beyond what normal people see.

9. They are comfortable in their own skin.

They fit in perfectly with the environment. They do not lose themselves and are comfortable with who they are.

10. They do not force anyone.

They are more than glad to show you the path you need to be on but will not force you into anything you are not willing to do. If you are not ready they will not push you.

11. They will guide you.

They will guide anyone who is willing to be guided. If you need them they will give you advice.

12. All of their actions are sincere.

They never do anything that is not needed. They are only trying to help others in all that they do, they do not ask for anything in return.

13. They only speak the truth.

They will not sugar coat anything. If they say something that upsets you it is because you needed to hear it.

14. Their aura is very deep.

Their presence is comforting and will give you a feeling of relaxedness. They will bring nothing but peace and you will feel as if nothing negative can make its way in when they are around.

15. They have a gentle soothing voice.

When they speak they do so with refinement. They are not loud and often offer wise conflict-free resolutions to the problems you are facing.

16. They have a soft comforting touch.

Their touch is very light and healing. You will feel as if someone very important is comforting you when they give you a pat on the back.

17. They have a penetrating gaze.

When they gaze at you, it feels as if someone is looking at the rawest form of you. Staring deep into your soul.