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There is nothing worse than finding out you’re dating an asshole. If your partner calls you crazy they may be the problem in your relationship.

Lots of people will do their best to make you out to be ‘crazy’ even though they are the ones in the wrong. If you wake up one morning having had a dream about your man calling or texting an ex they should happily allow you to check their phone, not because you’re crazy and they don’t want to deal with you but because they want you to feel better about the dream you had.

If the person you are with is calling you crazy you may have more than enough reason to cut them out of your life. passion is often mistaken for craziness and this needs to stop! When someone so close to you is quick to begin insulting and making jokes about your sanity there is a serious underlying issue.

The term crazy is a low blow that your partner knows they should not be using. If your partner uses this to insult you they are obviously dealing with emotions they cannot handle. The word crazy is a way to make you feel like you are not entitled to your own emotions.

If your partner is constantly trying to shift the negative attention towards you instead of focusing on their actions then there is something going on. Trust your gut, if you think they are lying find out if they are. There is nothing cute about someone who cannot accept defeat. Fighting dirty like this is not acceptable.

If your partner uses this word knowing it bothers you they are simply trying to get a reaction from you. Do not let your partner tear you down. You should not be with anyone who does this. You are not crazy, if you and your partner are both doing what you should be doing in your relationship there is no need for name calling.

Pay attention to the way your partner speaks to you. If you are with an asshole kick them to the curb. You deserve someone just as fabulous as you!