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Nothing lasts forever. This is something that can either be terrifying or exciting depending on your situation.

As we grow up we learn that we have to let things end. Holding onto something that isn’t there anymore is not going to do any good. We learn that saying goodbye is not the end of the world and that sometimes endings are just new beginnings in disguise.

I am still working on this myself. I am learning not to waste my time and energy on fixing things that cannot be fixed and staying in situations that have been well past gone. I am learning to accept endings as something we all go through rather than something that only happens to bring me pain.

I am learning to stop holding onto the toxicity that comes with being too obsessed with how things are and fighting change. Endings are important. They are healing in a sense. While some are terrifying they all bring about something wonderful.

I am working on appreciating the end just as much as the story itself rather than praying for a sequel. I am learning that there is much more hope in me than I thought. I am celebrating things I never thought I would and I am happier because of it.

There is nothing wrong with letting go or moving on. Just as there is nothing wrong with endings. Not all endings are related to death, not all endings are bad, and not all endings mean that things will not begin again. There will be tons of endings in your life as there has been and will continue to be in mine, we will all be fine. We will make it through whatever life throws at us.

I am learning to be strong and to make room in my life for these new beginnings. I am working on myself and my life in the best way possible. There is so much more freedom in endings than we think. Endings truly are beautiful.