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This moon is most often referred to as the Thunder Moon due to the frequency of thunderstorms during that time of year. It is connected with quite the energetic shift.

In 2017, this moon will fall on July 9th and it will be in Capricorn. With this, there will be an intense energy affecting your relationships, home lives, finances, and everything else. You will be able to find clarity in all areas. If you have been waiting for something in your life to change now is the time. You will be ready to embrace any and all changes that come your way.

The most recent new moon happened in Cancer meaning we were being prepared to clear out any emotional baggage we have been holding onto. Following that this full moon will be allowing us to step forward and focus on our goals, making the changes needed in order to achieve our dreams and maintain our proper paths in this life. We will now be feeling a positive energy coming from letting go of all the anchors we have been holding onto and now it will be time to find rewards for our actions. Our efforts will not go unnoticed.

If you think something in your life needs to go differently than it currently is this full moon may be the change you need. During this time focus on yourself and your personal energy. Draw strength from the Full Thunder Moon and allow it to amplify the energy flowing through you. You should not be afraid of this transition as it is going to be a great opportunity for you.

During this full moon, you will be given the chance to move your life forward. You will be able to move on from all that you have left behind recently and think of yourself for a change. This Thunder New Moon is all about change in case you haven’t noticed by now. Change is not something we should be nervous about. We should welcome it with open arms.

Your mind, body, and spirit will all be feeling much better on their new path. Enjoy all that this full moon has to offer. This is your time to shine, don’t let this chance pass you by.

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