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Love is a difficult game and it is not for everyone. It is something that you need to understand thoroughly; love is not fairy tale stuff and it’s more than how you treat each other when you’re doing well.

Everyone seeks to find love in their life. It seems as if we start looking for our real soulmate as soon as getting through puberty. In the modern day world, it is easy to get lost in love. We see it everywhere, all over television, all over social media, and the internet. The television shows, movies, and internet posts have caused everyone to get a little confused when it comes to love though. It’s depicted as a fairy tale, but that’s not what it is at all. Love isn’t being all giggly and laughy all the time. People who are really in love will agree, real love is how you respond to each other in the bad times.

People start dating at such a young age nowadays that it can be hard to find your actual soulmate, the twin flame, the one who really completes your soul. If you have, you’re very lucky. Many people have gotten caught up in bad relationships and it has ruined the way they look at love, try to love, and expect to be loved. If you can relate to this, you’re not alone and you’re not broken. Whoever treated you wrongly made their own bad decisions.

It has nothing to do with who you are as a person – and don’t expect some prince charming to come along and treat you like his princess. That’s not how love is; love is full of hard times, and struggles because all humans make mistakes.

When two people are so emotionally involved in each other lives it can be hard to keep the other one happy. We always try to make ourselves look perfect, especially to the ones we care about. But, that’s not what love is at all. Love is when they see all the bad and flaws in you and love you even more. When you really love someone you want nothing more than to just listen to them. You could hear them talk all day long. You love them for their perks, but you love them even more for their flaws. Nobody is ever broken and without our struggles, we wouldn’t be who we are today.

It can be hard to open yourself up to someone, and it causes difficulties in the relationship if you have trouble doing so. This typically happens because someone has previously been hurt, and their subconscious activates a defense mechanism that closes them out. If you have ever opened yourself up to someone who ended up hurting you, you can’t let that define the rest of your love life. Once you finally open up and expose your everything to that special person nothing feels better. Love is full of accidents and struggles, but nothing is a mistake.

Even if you have had a rough time in your relationship, do not give up. There are no mistakes when it comes to true love; only obstacles and lessons that make you stronger and closer in the end. Love is a magical thing. If you think you have found that person, do not close them out. Open yourself fully and let them in. the vulnerability feels great when that person loves you regardless.

Never look back and want to change things about your relationship. Without the hard times, you would never be as close as you are now. When we are able to come back up together from such low places it makes the love bond stronger than ever.