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The Alpha female is the best girlfriend you will ever have if you are strong enough for her. Sure, she will seem intimidating but there is much more to her than that.

The Alpha female will always be truthful and honest. She will never put on a face just to make things seem okay when they aren’t. She is always her true self no matter who she is dealing with. She is loyal and will have your back even when you think you don’t need her to. She sees you and your relationship with her as priceless and would not trade it for the world.

She will challenge you and because of her, you will be the best you that you can be. She will support you through whatever life throws at you. She maintains her appearance, for herself and no one else. She will not fall into a lazy rut or hit rock bottom because she is certain of who she is.

You don’t have to worry about her even though you will. She will not be faced with any damsel in distress moment, she can and will hold her own. She doesn’t need to be rescued and she is not a princess. She will make all the first moves and show you passion like you have never seen before.

The Alpha female does not take shit from anyone and will not hesitate to help in your journey together when it comes to making improvements. She will never give up on something important and will always help you come out on top above all of your struggles. Loving an Alpha female is a love like you have never experienced before and is something amazing.

The Alpha female will not nag you to death and she will not waste her time with petty things and will always work her ass off to better herself. She enjoys life in the best way that she can and she is definitely not a home body. Being with an Alpha female is intense but more than worth it.

If you want someone who will always be there and will never leave your side even when shit hits the fan an Alpha female is what you need. She will be the best girlfriend you ever have and most likely the last. She won’t waste her time or your time.