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Regardless of how you were raised, where you live or what path you are following in life, we are all instinctively drawn to nature and animals. There has been a lot written about the spiritual meaning behind different animals, and what a connection to them reveals about your personality, your spirit and your destiny.

Look at the picture below and identify the first animal that you see. Don’t over analyze it, simply allow your subconscious to decide for you. Then read on to see what this reveals about you….


If you first saw a dove in the picture, then this indicates that you possess a pure soul. The imagery of the dove has long been associated with purity, hope, peace, and connection. You view the world in only the purest and positive way, seeing the good in everyone and everything around you. Unconcerned with the material things in life, you instead focus on living your life in a way that will inspire hope in others.



A symbol of pleasure and beauty, you move through lie with a smile on your face, lighting up every room that you walk into. While you may have a goal in mind, you are easily distracted by new things, flitting from one pretty flower to the next. Understanding that life is short, you aim to make the most of it and live your life to the fullest each and every day.



Those of you who see an eagle first possess strong, proud personalities. You know your worth, and this allows you to soar high in life, above all the rest. You are a natural born leader and aren’t afraid to back away from a challenge. You have an overwhelming thirst for knowledge, and will go to great lengths to acquire it. Highly independence, you can’t stand the thought of being restrained.



Man’s best friend, the dog is a symbol of loyalty and family. You are incredibly selfless, putting those in your life before all else. You are reliable, playful, outgoing and protective of those that you hold dear. Bright and loving, your desire to care for others dominates your every life decision. You will go out of your way to ensure that the people in your life feel safe in every situation.



Despite running with a pack, wolves are largely lone creatures. You hold your cards close to your heart, avoiding sharing your true feelings and emotions with others. While you do develop close relationships, they are few and far between. You would rather keep your social circle small, and are picky about who you deem worthy of making it into that close-knit group. You are seen as wise, tender and calm.


Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is seen as sacred in many cultures, a symbol of calm and quiet. You are a loner, but this isn’t a negative thing as you very much prefer it this way! Highly intelligent, you would rather spend your day with your nose in a book, learning something new than spending your time in a social setting. Despite the fact you avoid social interaction, for the most part, this doesn’t mean you aren’t good at it, you just aren’t interested in the effort it will take to meet new people and you find small talk to be completely unbearable!