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Throughout the history of the world, the moon has long been considered a symbol of femininity. There are a number of reasons for this association, and as we explore them, we will also explain how you can care for your body by using the cycles of the moon.

Just as a woman, the moon has a regular 28-day-cycle. In ancient times, old religions associated the moon with the three life cycles of a woman. With three varying incarnations of maiden, mother, and crone; they would associate the moon with a woman in the fact that the moon also has three phases: new, full and old.

Many women have even reported that their cycle had become synchronized with the Moon’s cycle.

On top of this, the Moon has proven to be a useful guide for farmers, hunters, and fisherman to understand when to plant, harvest, fish and hunt. And as our hair, skin, and nails work in a similar way, using the cycles of the moon can prove to be beneficial for your self-care routine.

New Moon

The new moon provides a wonderful opportunity for us to renew ourselves and to cleanse ourselves. This can be done by detoxing our bodies during this time, or by starting a new diet. Other lifestyle changes will prove to be more effective if they are started during this phase.

Waxing Moon

During the waxing period of the moon, it is easier for us to receive or absorb. Take your vitamins, give your hair a nutritional mask, and use your most effective moisturizers during this time. Cutting your hair during the waxing moon will aid in the stimulation of growth. This also applies for trimming your nails.

Full Moon

The Full Moon is representative of the peak of the moon’s cycle. You can take advantage of this by getting a facial, and by embracing our natural features. During this time a woman is at her most beautiful state.

Waning Moon

During the waning moon phase, a time of removal takes place. As the moon fades back to new, working out will provide the most efficiency. Also, purification treatments will work best during this phase. Hair growth is slower during this time, so any hair removal treatments that you have done should last longer. And thankfully, you will bleed much less during this time than you would during the full moon.

By conducting a quick google search about the moon and beauty rituals, you can easily see that many have reported amazing results by utilizing the phase of the moon. If you aren’t sure what the moon phases are or when they take place, you can click on this embedded link for a lunar calendar. It accurately predicts when each phase will transpire, so you can plan accordingly. Give it a try, and journal your results. You can let us know your experience with the adjustments in the comments below.