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These interesting wolves live along the wild Pacific coast of British Columbia, and swim from island to island in order to prey on sea animals. They are much smaller in size and physically different than their mainland equivalents.

Ian McAllister is an award-winning photographer that has spent two decades studying these amazing wolves. Ninety percent of the food these wolves eat comes from the ocean, they are excellent swimmers! According to records they can swim up to eight miles from the nearest land mass in one go. Mcallister has been able to photograph these mesmerizing almost unreal animals so close that he was able to hear them grunting into his snorkel.

Seeing these wolves is actually quite rare as they are elusive and hardly ever lurk in forests. These sea wolves are actually called Coastal island wolves and their DNA completely sets them apart from other wolves. You can find more on that by clicking here.

To give you a better idea of this wolf you could compare it to the size of a German shepherd and are often reddish brown in color. These sea wolves have been declining in numbers for quite some time now, but they once roamed all the way down to California. There are, however, some populations in Alaska.

To see some of the photos that McAllister was able to get of some of these wonderful creatures please take a look below. Aren’t they magnificent? Something needs to be done to preserve what coastal wolves we have left!