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According to a FitRated survey, men prefer women with a little meat on their bones. Apparently, the perfect body is not the one we are seeing in the magazines, who would have thought?

This survey included 2,000 people and in it FitRated was able to find out what kind of body people are most attracted to. According to the survey, gay men are the pickiest as they prefer a man with a bulkier buff build while straight women are not that into buff men. Women actually prefer the average guy!

They found that men are looking for someone who has a curvy body. You don’t have to worry so much about losing weight and being toned if you’re doing it to impress men. They love the curves. Having a little bit of a belly is normal and no one is hating on it but you!

They love your bellies, your rear end, and your pudge. We are all beautiful and it is about time we realized it. Just because you have a few extra pounds does not mean you aren’t attractive.

Take a look at the chart below and remember if you want to change something about yourself do it for you not anyone else. You are perfect just the way you are! Enjoy your curves.