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If you know anything about Native American symbolism you know it covers almost every single animal. Most of these animals hold meanings for different tribes and some are even considered ‘birth animals.’

Which animal are you?

Otter (Jan 20th-Feb 18th)

Otters are unique and interesting little creatures. They are able to use methods we usually wouldn’t think about to get what they need. The otter is intelligent beyond its years and has a big imagination. They are sensitive and actually quite courageous. That being said sometimes the otter can be a bit rebellious, however, you can usually rely on them.

Wolf (Feb 19th-Mar 20th)

The wolf is deeply loving but at the same time needs to be free. They are fierce protectors and will do anything for those they love. They are always willing to provide the abundance of nurturing their loved ones need.

Falcon (Mar 21st-Apr 19th)

The falcon is a born leader and always ready to take flight. He has a good sense of judgment and can lead with no problems. He seems arrogant at times but that is only because of his drive to get things done.

Beaver (Apr 20th-May 20th)

The beaver is quick when it comes to getting the job done and can adapt to fit any situation. You cannot get in their way because of how stubborn they are and if you try too hard they may ask you to hit the high road.

Deer (May 2st-Jun 20th)

The deer is someone with a mesmerizing personality. A real life of the party kind of person. They are charming and have a warm sense of humor. However, if you every get close to one you will notice they can be quite two-faced.

Woodpecker (Jun 21-Jul 21st)

The woodpecker is the most understanding of all the signs I have mentioned so far. They do have a powerful attitude though that packs a good punch. If you ever get involved with one you will notice how possessive they can be.

Salmon (Jul 22nd-Aug 21st)

The salmon is very goal-oriented. This one has to have a purpose in life to feel whole.

Bear (Aug 22nd-Sep 21st)

The bear is a hard worker with a generous heart. Most of the time this one is quite shy and will not boast about their accomplishments. Their best qualities usually go unnoticed.

Raven (Sept 22nd-Oct 22)

The raven is always able to make sure they are the center of attention. They are easygoing and very romantic. If you ever encounter a raven you may notice how patient they truly are.

Snake (Oct 23rd-Nov 22nd)

While lots of people may think of the snake badly the snake is one of those who seems like they are not from this world. They are mysterious and dark. This sometimes scares people. But to be honest, they are quite caring and passionate.

Owl (Nov 23rd-Dec 21st)

The owl is similar to a kid with ADHD bursting at the seams but still full of so much potential. It is hard to pin them down because of this. They are sensitive and sometimes reckless.

Goose (Dec 22nd-Jan 19th)

The goose will do whatever it wants no matter what you say. They are not motivated by others but by themselves. They have come to terms that in life all they truly need is themselves.