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Depending on the situation, you will find that Pagans are willing to cast spells for a multitude of things. For anything from better sex to good health.

However, they tend to actually avoid actual ‘love’ spells altogether. Now, this is because you should not cast love spells, they never work out how you’d intend for them to anyway. Not all love spells are bad however, I would stick to basic attraction spells. They are something that will allow you to attract the person you need in your life instead of forcing someone you like to love you.


Forcing someone to love you goes against the ethics of spell casting and if you think about it is essentially the same thing as rape. You should never try to interfere with a person’s free will. Messing with the hands of fate will never end well. If you cast a love spell on someone and it actually works, they no longer have the free will to resist you. Pagans believe that any spell that messes with the fate of someone else in a manner such as this will have serious consequences.

Of course, no spell comes without consequences. If you do a good spell you get that times three back. If you do a spell that will hurt others you will receive that times three as well. You get what you give. Do you really want to take away someone’s free will anyway? Would fake love feel as good as the real thing?

The love you gain from a love spell is not the same as real love. This is a creepy obsession rather than a soulmate. The spell will make this person obsessed with you and while it may sound good right off the bat it is something that gets old fast. Is that really what you want?


You will never be left alone, this person will not even let you breathe without them. Obsession ‘love’ spells are bad for both you and the person you cast them on. They become overly obsessed and jealous of every person you meet eyes with. These spells never ends well and will tear you apart. If someone is not interested in you, making them love you is not the answer. You’ve seen all those terrifying obsessed boyfriends in the lifetime movies, is that really what you want?