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The image below was designed to challenge your eyes. Are you up for the challenge?

This puzzle contains six words, while for some they can be found in just a few seconds it has been taking others a bit longer. Children are usually much better at solving these kinds of things than adults because of the way they see things. Children are able to see things differently and take all angles into account.

These hidden puzzle pictures have been making quite the come back here lately and are somewhat addictive. According to PlayBuzz the makers of this puzzle, only ten percent of people who try to solve it are able to. At first, it may seem a bit hard if you are having trouble but once you find the first word in my experience the rest just fall into place, however that does vary from person to person.

Were you able to find all six? If you were then you are truly talented and very open minded. Continue on for more puzzles (they all contain six hidden words as well.) Challenging your mind like this is very healthy and will benefit you in the long run! Do you enjoy doing these puzzles?