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There are very few people in this wold blessed enough to carry an ‘X’ on both of their palms. This is something that holds great meaning and could give some insight on where you will end up in life.

It is said that those who have the letter ‘X’ like below present on both of their palms they are either extremely popular or great leaders (maybe both.) These are people who are remembered long after they are gone for what they have done for this world. These people are said to leave behind a legacy.

Now for those who only have one ‘X’ you too are found to be successful but not as successful as the ones who have two. People with two of these are said to be highly intuitive and able to sense things no one else can. They are able to adapt to things around them much easier than other people and do not often fuss about things.

Do you have the letter ‘X’ on one or both of your palms? If you do let us know! The video below will give you some more information on this. I wish I had ‘X’s’ on my palms!