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Our first loves (with the exception of a few lucky people) always end up sucking. They make us the happiest person in the world and then they destroy us.

Our second love is the one that really matters. Our second love is the one that makes us feel something again. They push us to get back up and they don’t judge us. They know what we have been through and they love us anyway.

Our second love can be the best love. It is much more than just falling it is an educated choice we made. We were able to find out what we didn’t want from out first love and our second love is what we need. Someone special enough to risk it all for. Someone who was unexpected and stayed around even when we pushed them away.

You have been through a lot and they listen. They let you tell them all about your past, your future, the things you want in life. They don’t try to make your pain invalid, and they are there when you need them. They will give you all the things in this life that you deserve if you will let them.

My second love was more unexpected than anything I have gone through. He literally came out of nowhere. He shares more with me than anyone else ever has and challenges me each day to be a better person. He loves me for who I am on the inside and outside. He made me aware that I deserve more than what I have had. I am very thankful for him.

Our second loves are the ones that remind us how amazing we are, even when we are in our moments of darkness. They show us that we are still just as strong as we have been and that we can love again. Our second love is the calm after the storm. It is the gift you get after going through an intense learning experience. It is like nothing else.

Now sometimes second loves don’t work out, but things end on a much safer note than first loves do. Second loves are more understanding and uplifting than most. Second loves are really special and should be treated as so. Are you still with your second love? A second love gives us so much more than we give them credit for.