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Anyone who goes on the internet or social media on a regular basis knows that there is a wide variety of brain quizzes, puzzles and optical illusions available for solving. However, this particular illusion claims that only a select 5% of the population has the ability to spot the hidden baby in this photograph.

When you first glance at the photo, it seems an impossible task to spot a hidden baby in the image. The image appears to simply be a couple looking into the water, possibly sharing a romantic moment. Surrounding them is a massive tree, that seems to wrap around the backdrop. Look closely, visually zooming in and out for a moment.

Do you see it?

WARNING: Spoiler Alert (Answer Below)

After I finally noticed it, I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before. It seems so obvious. Well, just in case you didn’t find it, you can look below for the answer. Make sure you look really closely at the above image before checking the answer. If you still don’t see it, look up, above the couple. The tree branches begin to define the outline of the baby with its feet nestled into the branches above. Once you see it, you will wonder how you missed it before, I know I did.

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