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There are things that seem to unite us all, no matter where you were born and how old you are. If you have long hair problems, you will understand these photos!

I have come to the conclusion that Rapunzel needs an award because taking care of those long tresses was certainly no easy thing! While other haircuts come and go, long hair is timeless! But with that long mane comes a lot of pain too; just combing such long hair can really be a task. Here are the problems girls with long hair have to go through all the time.

Every. Single. Day

The Trendy Bun

That moment when you are eating something liquids and you forget your hair band at home…

We are not the only ones who suffer!

Even our pets have a hard time

We face this problem more often than it seems

When was the last time you took off your headphones without a few of these?

They cannot be trusted

Selfie on a windy day? No Problem!

Attachment issues

RIP to all the hair I’ve lost to the zipper gods

When someone insists on keeping the windows down