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The alpha female is a strong, loving, comedic, and beautiful woman. She is also the best girlfriend ever! 

The alpha female is an assertive human being but she will always have your best intentions in mind. She is humble, yet she demands respect. People might be too intimidated by the alpha females, but you shouldn’t be. The alpha female is the best candidate for a girlfriend. In fact, she’s your best option.

Another great reason to date an alpha female is that she always knows what she wants. If you are worried about your partner having second thoughts or changing their mind do not worry when it comes to the alpha female; if she is with you, she wants to be. That is that! She also does not require your approval. Yes, that means you don’t have to tell her that she doesn’t look fat before going out. She knows she’s hot, you don’t have to reassure this. Combine this with the confidence of an alpha male and you have an extremely powerful couple.

While she will intimidate you a little bit, don’t fret – she is there with you through thick and thin. Her strong ambitions, goals, and confidence are not meant to scare you; let it inspire you! If you have an alpha male girlfriend take care of her – not that she needs you to. However, you’re not going to want to miss this girl. She’s a real keeper! Boys, get yourself an alpha female.