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Not everything is the way it seems to be. It all has to do with your perception. Perception is your entire reality, your everything.

If you don’t adjust your perception and look at the world from different points of view you’ll never get the full experience. Ignorance is bliss in this world because nobody will open their eyes and look in front of them. There are a ton of different ways to look at one thing. You notice different things about it, see different aspects, and get a whole new view of it. Changing your perception can change your entire reality. Just to prove that perception is everything and you can change your ultimate reality by altering it, check this photo out below.

This photo has recently gained some fame because people see two different things in it – a frog sitting on a lily pad in the water and a horse with a luscious maine. If you don’t see it just try adjusting your perception. Not being able to see both images is a sign that can indicate you need to adjust your perception. Perception is everything, don’t get too frustrated. Just look at the small details!

If you can’t see it, scroll down! On’t give up though you’ll see it. If you skip to the end you’ll be frustrated because it was so obvious the whole time.

Sometimes we all need to look at life from a different aspect. It can do a lot of good. Do you see it?

Still can’t see it? Does this help?

Still nothing? Try now!

Here is the horse. I hope you didn’t give up and skip!