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Brain games are an excellent way to take up some time, have a little fun, and exercise your brain at the same time. They say only visually intellectual people can solve this quiz. Can you?

Intellectual people are also very intelligent people. However, intellectual people are set apart from intelligent people because of their vast curiosities and imagination. Intellectual people are always looking for a mental challenge such as quizzes, puzzles, and even tests. They love to prove their skill and intellect to other people in a time of need, and otherwise they stay quietly listening and learning. When an intellectual solves a problem their thirst for challenge is never quenched; they just move onto another test.

This brain game has people mind boggled all over the place. The creators of the test claim that if you can spot the square in the center of most of the pictures you have incredible analysis abilities. Throughout the test you will complete ten different slides, and each round gets harder and harder. They say only the most intellectual people can pass the quiz. Can you?