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When you have gone through a toxic relationship and a painful breakup it can be overwhelming, to say the least. You will have trouble even finding the words to use when describing the pain you feel.

Going through something like this is not just losing someone you thought cared for you, it is losing ‘you’ in the process. You will have to go through things you have never gone through before. You had a hard enough time ending the relationship as it is and walking away very well could be considered the hardest thing you have ever done.

You have torn apart at the seams because they made you so happy and yet so sad all at once. You are in a sense running on nothing and you need to do what is best for you. He is going to move on and be just fine, even if he is texting you saying otherwise. That’s how this works. They try to weasel their way back in and when their time has finally run out they find someone else to latch on to.

When it comes to you and where you should go from here no one can answer that except you. You need to find something in this life that makes it worth it. You need a break from relationships, and you need to assess this for all that it was. The most amazing thing that will come from this is that once you have gotten yourself back together, and yes that will take time, you will be stronger. You will know what you don’t want to go through again and you will know what you want for your future.

You will not put up with another toxic relationship. You will only accept what you deserve in this life. Yes, you will be broken for awhile and there will be no easy way to recovery, but once you make it out of the tunnel your life will have finally changed for the better.

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