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There isn’t enough tie in the world to name off all of the benefits you’ll obtain by seeking out your spirituality. Once one becomes self-aware, a higher consciousness can take over and simplify your life forever.

Humans have studied their spiritual selves since the beginning of time. It has intrigued almost every person on earth. Many people are realizing that the hustle and bustle of today, really isn’t necessary. Life is actually fairly simple, however, we way too often complicatethings. We have complicated things to the point of where are complications have complications. Sound familiar? It probably does, and honestly, it’s sad. We are the most stressed out generations ever, yet, we have the easiest and simplest lives.

If you are finding yourself struggling with depression, anxiety, high stress, and even some physical ailments, mindfulness can certainly benefit you in some way. We know that all things travel in form of frequencies. However, if you can raise your vibrational frequency, you can achieve a higher consciousness. Anyone can do it, it just depends on how determined you are.

If you’re looking to raise your vibrational frequency, you’re going to want to focus on your Pineal gland. The pineal gland has often been referred to as the third eye chakra because it is a major energy point and can give you a ‘third person’s’ perspective on your life. The pineal gland is anatomically the part of your brain that withholds all your personality. It is essentially you. Once you are able to tap into the pineal gland you can explore life as it truly is – beautiful!

One of the best ways to tap into your pineal gland and manipulate your vibrational frequency is by meditating. Meditating allows your vibrations and energy to flow freely without interruption. It also allows time for you to get to know yourself without the stresses of today. It is essentially an escape from reality. One can meditate by simply sitting down in a comfy, quiet place, and think of nothingness. Don’t force it – it takes time, but you will definitely get it if you keep trying.

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